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26th February 2013

Hi Spiro,

Just wanted to let you know that it is fixed. Well done. I just got back from a trip up to Coffs towing the trailer and loaded up. The car used about 50L of fuel running on gas over the 1450km trip. The economy on gas was in the range of 25L/100 which is good for this beast! No check engine light and pulls really hard right from idle.

I did some sums on the fuel usage and to get the same economy out of a diesel it would have to do better than 15L/100 to equal the cost. My Hilux does 14L/100 towing the trailer!

The flat spot is gone too and the power is really good. It was pulling 80kph up Mooney Mooney hill fully loaded and very comfortably, in fact I had to back off. In the old days my foot was through the firewall and it struggled to get to 60kph.

The way you have the car setup now is what it should have been like after the blower (and gas) was fitted. No wonder those clowns are out of business!

You are a legend on the Dyno and I will make sure everyone I speak to knows it.



18 July 2012

I have been meaning to thank you for the new engine and tune in the STI. It is performing brilliantly.

At Wakefield a couple of months ago I did have a situation where the boost seemed to punch up to 23psi for a lap or so but it has been holding 21 psi constantly ever since. It just went through the 6 hour race without skipping a beat, even with Mr Rusten getting a run in it as well.

11 July 2012

Hi to the Team at Autotech,

Back in July 2012 i had My HSV VZ MALOO R8 Worked on by Autotech Engineering, consisting of the Stage 2 LS2 Kit which was completed in one Full Day. The work carried out on my car was nothing short of spectacular, From the incredibly precise fabrication of the exhaust to the intricate install of the OTR, the workmanship was like no other.

The Hospitality was also Fantastic, both Genia and Joe offering coffee and ensuring the experience was as comfortable as possible. May i also make mention Spiro worked back till 9pm that same day to ensure the Maloo was tuned to perfection with some fantastic power increases. Thanks again mate

This is my second time round coming back to the team at Autotech Engineering and it definitely wont be the last. Spiro and his Team are the best in the business and i guarantee you will be hard up trying to find a better, more experienced bunch of people to carry out your performance and service work.

Once again Thanks you to the Autotech Team,it was a pleasure.

Grant Price
Kerfoot Electrics

7 July 2012

Spiro & Dan,
I would like to once again thank you for the dedication and tenacity shown by your company in repairing my Ford Territory.
After Ford had wiped their hands as .a too hard to fix issue. due to the modifications I have had done. You guys never gave up. Through your diligence in fault finding the repairs never cost me a second mortgage either.
As a business owner in the service industry, I commend you for high quality and exceptional customer service shown over the few weeks it took to find out the fault.
As always, I would have no hesitation in recommending you.

Thanks again gents

Kind regards

28 June 2012

Dear Customers,
A bit of a reverse testimonial. Spiro wanted to share this XR6's customers artwork with you all.
Take care,

10 May 2012

Hi Autotech,

Just a quick email to say how happy i am with the job you did in my car a couple of weeks ago.

The car has never been better to drive & turned out exactly how you said it would.

Being a Motor Mechanic for the last 21 years myself i hate letting other people work on my car because i do all my own work, but i would have no problems with Autotech working on my car in the future.

Your service & professionalism is second to none and i will be recommending you to my friends.

Once again thanks & all the best for the future.

Keep up the good work.

Cheers Brett.

Hello Autotech,

I just wanted to thank you for a great experience I had dealing with you guys whilst getting modifications done on my Nissan 200SX (Bright Yellow S15 with black wheels).

Not only was there fantastic workmanship on the job itself (as always), I also experienced the kind of customer service every other workshop could only dream about. Other performance garages could certainly learn a lot from you in regards to professionalism and customer service.

Spiro is a fantastic guy to deal with and is always willing to explain exactly what he is doing with your car.

Spiro kindly took time out of his busy schedule (multiple times) to diagnose and repair some minor problems with the car after its modification. The issue is now resolved, and the car is now running perfectly.

Thankyou to Spiro and all of the staff at Autotech Engineering, for a great experience and sticking by your work like a true champion.

I look forward to seeing you next time



Hey Spiro,

Thanks again for fitting me in on such short notice to check the turbo on my FG and tune it.

Gearbox tune at first I was a bit underwhelmed, as the gears would thump in, especially when coming to a stop – now they’re almost perfect as the gearbox is learning how I drive. Very glad I spent the money on the gearbox tune.

Engine tune – totally different car. Perfect spread of torque across the board, the power is exactly what I was looking for. Very drivable and very impressed.

Thanks and Regards
Erwin Scholz
Licensed Customs Broker


Just a note on the tune you did on MY11 STI. It is fantastic ! The delivery of power is so smooth (and constant) through the entire rev range, from low down to 7000 rpm. By comparison the factory tune was rough and harsh, let alone a lot less powerful. The car is a joy to drive, far better than the original factory tune.


Murray Robinson


I’d like to say thank you very much for all of the services and work that you have done to my car.

Your level of customer service is absolutely brilliant.  The quality of service and workmanship that you and your team provide is also fantastic. It is very hard to find people/company you can trust and rely on these days.

Firstly, the first time I took my car in (for a service), Daniel was very patient and explained to me what work was going to be done to my car and kept me posted throughout the day.  After my car was serviced, and till this day (a few months later) my car is still running beautifully as if it was just serviced (this is the first time that has happened).  In my past experience, after a couple of weeks of getting it serviced, my car felt like it wasn’t serviced at all.  So therefore, I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else but Autotech to get serviced.

Secondly, getting my exhaust system made was something I was quite skeptical about especially when it had to be custom made.  There are so many exhaust “specialists” out there and it’s hard to find who is actually a true specialist.  Initially Jeff hasn’t done an exhaust system for my car before (Astra SRi – NA 2.2L), so this was going to be a first.  I obviously had my doubts.  However, after a few adjustments my exhaust system is beautiful.  Jeff is a true specialist.  A special thank you to Jeff who was very patient, understanding and ensuring that I was happy with my exhaust.  

Finally, Genia, thank you for all of your follow up calls and also ensuring that I was satisfied with the work that has been done to my car.

I highly recommend Spiro and the team at Autotech Engineering. 

Thank you again for everything!

Kind regards, 

Lester Tan

Hi Joe/Spiro

Very much appreciate the work you guys done to my car yesterday. Very professional and pretty much i crashed on your couch the whole day.
Awesome service, great people.
Had a call back from Daniel today finding out how the car is going. ITS terrific! Very strong down low and mid range, it seriously just wants to go, got told by mrt not much to do except change the turbo to a smaller one but  spiro’s tune was excellent, got what i wanted great response and acceleration for street driving,  and i very much appreciate Joe running to get the strut bar, don’t think many people would do that.

Overall the car runs top. One concern i thought was a whistling sound when its hitting 22+psi.  Im not sure if thats the turbo (Yes, it's normal - Spiro) just winding it or not or if its on its  way out but if you guys never told me then i trust it and use it till it brakes apart!.

Major thanks to u all.


1999 black WRX

G’day Spiro, mate I just wanted to touch base with you and say thanks again for the tune you did on my Falcon.
It’s hard to put into words just how happy I am with the job you did. The service provided by yourself and Joe was just 1st class and I cant thank you enough for fitting me in last Wednesday. The only problem I now have is that I’ve caught the “power bug” and I want more!
Cheers Spiro

Mark MacMurray

Dear Spiro/Joe/Genia

I would like to start by saying your service is beyond outstanding!!
From the first moment I called you guys speaking to Genia and Joe to quote up and book the tuning the service was great!
Then going in to drop off the car leaving the keys with one of your guys (i didnt catch his name, possibly Daniel?) he was helpful and reassured me that i was going to be left in good hands! and thats just your customer service! exceptional!!
Coming into pick up my car getting to me Genia and Spiro the most nice and down to earth people, with Spiro explaining everything i needed to know and reasons for anything or why he needed to do work to the car.. Best money ever spent on my car. I would definately deal with you guys again!
The professionalism within your workshop is great! The service and work is even better! not one bad thing i could say about my experience with you guys! Even the workshop is immaculate down to the T!
I could go on for days how happy i am with the service received.
Alot of other workshops would not even come close to the service and work i received!
I would love for you guys to post this on your "testimonials" page, as i want to assure people who haven't dealt with you guys that they will be in good hands.
All the best to you and your team, and a very big THANK YOU!


Du Nguyen - (Gold Subaru Forester)

Dear Spiro, Daniel, Joe and the team,

I would just like to send my regards to you all for making my wife and welcome at your workshop today.  To say the least we found your team highly knowledgeable, polite, curteous, genuinely interested in our car and above all produced a great result at the end of the day. Spiro.....an extra mention to yourself. Mate I understand how busy you were today however you still managed to take the time to walk me through everything you did to our car.  The results speak for themselves...up from 126kwatw to an impressive 155.5kwatw.  Looked great on paper however, as Daniel and yourself explained to me, the proof would be in the way the car felt and I can tell you right now that your tune made an astonishing difference!  Smoother idle, smoother power delivery. Boost comes on harder and faster than before and continues to pull right through the rev range....amazing.
I have no hesitation in recommending you all to my friends and family and will only deal with Autotech when it comes to our WRX. It is nice to know that there is still businesses out there that truly know their job.
Many thanks again.
We hope to see you all again soon.

Kind regards,
                     Niles and Rebecca Brennan.

Re: Service of BF Typhoon
Thanks for the courtesy call to see how the vehicle is. I must say I thought of phoning as I drove away, the car was transformed (amazing what a new air cleaner, some tightening of the front end and removal of transport blocks will do!).I will definitely be bringing it back for further service and perhaps that stage 1 or 2 kit in the very near future.

Thanks again.

Dear Spiro,
Re; EcuTek tune on my WRX

I just thought I would thank you again for Tuning my WRX, since the Ecutek tune you did for me 2 weeks ago the car is going great both performance wise and on fuel. I have taken the car for a few cruises with my mates since the Tune and I cant believe how well my car performs with bugger all done to it and how many kays I seem to be getting out of the tank, as my 2.5L seems to be  drinking less fuel than mates with 2.0L Wrx's.

What I have noticed since the tune is that the car now has a heap more mid range and unlike before the car comes on boost hard and pulls a lot more  confidently than it has in the past with another tune. The car drives like a stock car and drinks less fuel than the car did stock, but it pulls so much  harder its difficult to believe its the same car as it has more power  through the whole rev range.

Something which I also very impressed with was your customer service, the last tuner didn't want to know me when I was experiencing problems with the car, where as you and your staff have called me a couple of times to see how things were going and that is something which has really impressed me.

In the next 12 months Ill be dropping down to get a bigger turbo and a few supporting mods so I can seek out some real power out of the car, but for  the time being the car I am very happy with what you have come up with.


Craig Burgmann

Expertise Building and Constructions Proprietary limited
Dear Spiro,
Re; Twin turbo installation to my 6Lt LS2 HSV GTO

I wish to take the time to write this reference letter for the amazing job you and your team did on my car with the APS twin turbo installation. From the first time I met you right though to hand over of the completed vehicle your attention to customer service was outstanding. The team behind you whom I have had the pleasure of dealing with were also very professional in their approach to customer service and satisfaction.

As an award wining builder myself I understand the importance of this in a successful business and in my past experience have found it a rear asset in the motor vehicle repair industry, I should’t forget the installation side of things, - this was an amazing setup with an incredible result and APS need to be congratulated on the quality of their kit. I look forward to having the vehicle service when required by your team.

Wishing you all the best in for the future"
Yours faithfully
Steven Bridge

“I have been going to Autotech for over 2 years, after being recommended by a friend. They always do a great job looking after my pride and joy – from little things, like fixing a rattle at the rear of the car (an exhaust repair – at no charge!), all the way to fitting a new timing belt at the 100K service, as per the manual. Thanks heaps to Spiro and the team!” - Karen Jones, Drummoyne NSW - Owner of ‘92 Toyota Celica

"Hi Spiro,
Just wanted to let you know I'm extremely impressed with the way the car
performs, much better than I was expecting! Yesterday was by far the most pleasing experience I've ever had with a performance shop and I have been to quite a few over the years. I have already started recommending you guys to everyone I know. Thanks again."
Jake Opalenko - 2.5lt Subaru STI Owner

“Autotech gives us great service when it comes to looking after our cars – little things, like a pick up and drop off service helps us enormously. They always consult us before doing any repairs, giving a detailed explanation of what is required. They get our vehicles back to us when promised and their work is always first class.” - John Pullen, State Manager A. Noble & Sons Ltd – Auburn NSW

"For great service and excellent workmanship you could not possibly find better than Spiro and his team at Autotech have the APS Ph2 and also the APS intercooler which gave me 300rwkw’s I cannot fault the work I have had done on my car and would recommend Autotech to anyone interested in modifying his/her car or just getting a plain service done It’s a shame Ford service dept.’s don’t take a leaf out of his book" - John, XR6Turbo Customer

"Autotech were a real pleasure to deal with. Highly skilled, courteous and friendly, they solved an ongoing issue that we had been experiencing for nearly twelve months after we purchased our new XR6T. We would have no hesitation in recommending Autotech not only for modifications but also for their ingenious problem solving skills. Our car is now fantastic to drive since Autotech worked their magic." - Shelley & Scott, XR6T Customers

"As a retired motor mechanic I thought I had to write, to thank you for the service I have received from your CO. After bringing the motor out of my 56 Chevrolet to you for overhaul I was so satisfied with the repairs and service that I decided to bring my family car there as well for service.
Being in the industry for 35 years I am particularly fussy who I get to work on my car but I have to say the service and repairs you and your staff provided cannot go with out me saying a very big thank you have restored my faith in the industry that there is still people out there willing to give old fashion service. It was the small things like replacing the wiper blades that and a radiator hose clap that impressed me the most. Your team in the office are the most courteous and friendly have seen for a long time. Keep up the good work " - Gary Wright, 1955 Chevrolet Belair Customer

"When I arrived, I was greeted with friendly, happy service people, my requested where listened to, confirmed, and understood, and passed on to everyone else that was dealing with my job.
I was extremely happy with the way I was kept informed of running cost of work (with consideration of my specified limit), and with the way I was informed of all issues and progress as the day went along.
I was extremely impressed with the dedication of the workers that worked on my car, and wish to give my personal thanks to the team for their professional attitude and dedication to the job.
I will be more than happy to allow Autotech to pass on my details to potential customers as a reference point, and would be more than happy to recommend Autotech Engineering to anyone that wishes to get performance from their car." - Brian Timms, Nissan 180sx Customer

"Thanks for your great service. I couldn't be happier any more with so great difference on my rex. You know,it just run with the minor mods. I can feel more power from 2500 to 5500 RPM. Turbo lag is much smaller than before. Now,I am thinking to get a dump pipe next month. I will let you know when I'm ready. Anyway,thanks a lot for your great job and service." - Yuan, 2002 WRX Customer

“Autotech gives us great service when it comes to looking after our cars – little things, like a pick up and drop off service helps us enormously. They always consult us before doing any repairs, giving a detailed explanation of what is required. They get our vehicles back to us when promised and their work is always first class.” - John Pullen, State Manager A. Noble & Sons Ltd – Auburn NSW

I have been to Autotech on numerous occasions and I have always found Spiro and the boys at Autotech to be very helpful and Spiro always has the time to explain and answer your questions. The service received is the best from any mechanic, to the point where Spiro rung me a few days later to see how the car was going. I have no hesitation in recommending Spiro on performance upgrades, any servicing or suspension work etc." - Adam, XR6Turbo Customer

"Was recommended Spiro and Autotech by APS on the XR6Turbo.com Forum and found Spiro and the staff at Autotech to be exceptionally professional when dealing with customers. I was looking for a complete workshop that could perform 100% of the work on my vehicle and Autotech delivers this sort of complete service. To say I am happy with the end result with my vehicle is a gross understatement, I highly recommend their services." - Jason, XR6Turbo Customer