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VT-VZ LS1 V8 Kits:

Stage 1 - 260kw
Stage 1 for the VT-VZ Holden Commodore with LS1 V8 involves reprogramming the factory ECU with HP Tuners VCM Edit Suite software. This allows Autotech to remap the fuel and timing tables, increasing torque across the range and improving fuel economy. The auto transmission can also have its patterns adjusted for more responsible shifts between gears. Autotech custom tune your vehicle to ensure the highest levels of performance.
Stage 2 - 300kw

The Stage 2 Kit for the VT-VZ Holden Commodore with LS1 V8 includes the following components:

HP Tuners VCM Edit Suit ECU Retune
High Flow OTR Cold Air Intake
XForce Stainless Headers + cat
XForce 2.5 inch Stainless Exhaust System

Stage 3 - 440kw - Extreme Kit

The Stage 3 Extreme Kit for the includes the following components:

APS High Flow Intercooler
APS Twin Turbochargers
APS Cast exhaust Manifolds + Stainless Ducting
APS High Flow Air Intakes
APS High Flow Blow off Valve

A Stainless 2.5 inch exhaust and fuel system are optional extras
Stage 4 - 500kw Plus
The Stage 4 Extreme kit's turbochargers are capable of over 500kw, however they are held back by the factory pistons and rods in the LS1 engine. Autotech have extensive engine rebuilding services that can meet your requirements if you are after more power. We build our own engines and they run as quietly as the factory engine, but handle applications well over 600HP.