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ECU Tuning

Today's cars have changed so much over recent years, with the advent of car ECUs that take control of all aspects of car management, from the maximum power and torque an engine delivers to its economy and driveability. Whilst the huge advances in technical management of the way your car drives have made it far simpler for the consumer, it also means that tuning cars has become a far more complex task involving many small variables that can effect the ways in which your car performs. Thankfully Autotech Engineering are at the forefront of engine management or ECU tuning and offer a vast array of products that are designed to maximise the performance and economy of your vehicle in both stock and modified form.

Cars are usually manufactured with their stock ECU settings made to suit highest point of stress tolerance, meaning that they have conservative settings for power delivery and often run the engine 'rich' to deal with variances in climate and 'worse case' conditions that the may encounter. Because of these highly conservative' restrictions placed on the engine, simply re-tuning the ECU can deliver a good increase in engine performance and increase in fuel economy while still keeping the car well within the boundaries of safe operation.

Similarly, if you wish to increase the performance of your car with an aftermarket exhaust, or perhaps a turbocharger, you will need to re-tune your ECU with new settings to increase its performance and optimise its settings in line with the new components you have installed. Autotech's ECU tuning options can help you do this. Autotech offer a wide range of ECU management options from 'piggyback' computers that work together with your car's ECU management system, or full replacement ECU systems that manage all aspects of your car and replace its factory system. With any of the following ECU management systems installed, your car can see a new lease of life and performance with a simple re-tune to the stock factory car, or more advanced tuning together with a wide range of replacement or add-on components including exhausts, turbochargers and many other items you can read about on this website.

ECUTEK is the software used to modify the factory computer of Subaru vehicles including the WRX, STI and Forester. EcuTek can be used together with a wide variety of kits and components to increase the performance of your car. Up to 2 tunes can be programed into the factory ECU using ECUTEK.

Ford XCAL 3 - is the software that works via a setup box to enable up to 3 custom tunes of the factory management software for AU-BF Falcon and FPV vehicles together with the Ford, Territory and XR5 Turbo.

VCM Edit Suite - is the software used to remap the factory management system for the LS1 and LS2-equipped Holden V8 and VE V6 Sedan and Utilities. VCM offers full control of the Factory ECU and also allows modification of the shift patterns of the automatic transmission.

Unichip - Unichip works in harmony with the standard ECU and is mapped live on your engine to obtain the safest maximum power, torque and optimum fuel economy. Unichip will increase power and fuel economy on a wide range of vehicles from BMWs to Fords, Holdens, Toyotas and Porsche.

Haltech Engine Management Systems - provide tuning of fuel mixtures, ignition timing, boost levels and many other features. As Haltech works with the factory ECU, you need only tune where necessary, with the factory levels of economy, idle quality, cold start etc being fully maintained.

Cobb Tuning Access Port is from Cobb Tuning and can be used to reprogram the factory ECU of Nissan, Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles. It offers full control over the ECU for timing, fuel and boost control.

Engine Management Systems (EMS) - have designed their engine management systems to be universally adaptable for most types of engines. EMS can control throttle body, multi-point or staged injection, distributor or direct ignition, naturally aspirated or turbo & supercharged engines

MoTeC - MoTeC offer a range of high quality electronic systems suitable for all forms of motor racing. MoTeC is a replacement ECU that is suitable for high performance applications and contains complex data management systems.