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Team Autotech get Hulk ready for Pro-Am

Team Autotech have been busy in the office and the garage since our first competitive run in the HULK at Wakefield Park where they ran a reasonable time of 61.82 around Wakefield Park.

While that time is not blistering for the current field of top WTAC cars, it showed that the development of this new car is going in the right direction. Had the gearbox not failed pretty much as soon as we put the sticky tyres, we are confident the car could have got it into the 60s .

A more recent test at SMSP, with the car still in Open Class spec, saw more progress but issues with steering pump failing prevented us from hitting our mark and setting a solid time to show the open class boys what they are missing out on. But rest assured, Team Autotech is on schedule to bring something very impressive to the track on October 16-19. If you like your Subarus, watch this space.

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