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Autotech / Process West WRX set to rock the Clubsprint Class

For 2013 we see local sprint legend and WRX aficionado Jason Wright competing in the Clubsprint Class in a the WRX he campaigned at 2011 WTAC and finished on the podium in Open class with a 3rd place. For 2013 he has modified the aero, changed a few bits and pieces and plans on putting on some true street tyres and giving the Evo boys a real showdown in Clubsprint Class.

"If you want the fastest street registered, owner driven, performance cars in this years Club Sprint Class, then we are a must have on your entry list." said Jason Wright "we have worked really hard over the past few months to bring the car back to 100% legal Clubsprint rules and it is now totally compliant with the 2013 rulebook and we openly welcome any challenge."

"Plain and simple this car is an example of what extreme performance can be extracted from a street registered Subaru by careful selection of parts and tuning and a whole lot of development." This car is 2 times CAMS National Super Sprint Champion and 2 times CAMS NSW State Super Sprint Series Winner, in the hotly contested SVD (unlimited rego) class. It holds a number of CAMS lap records for fastest registered car in NSW. In 2011 the car finished on the podium in Open Class with time of 1.35.8 but no doubt we will not run that quick now it is back in Clubsprint format.

Having said that however, even back then we were still a whole closer to a Clubsprint car than what you may think. Back then it was simply a bigger splitter, some aftermarket crossmembers and R compound tyres compared to the street tyres we must run in Clubsprint. So it was fairly straightforward to bring it in line with the current ruleset. We will be right on minimum weight and ride height and look forward to mixing it with the Mitsubishi clan at the front of the pack.

Team Name: Autotech / Process West WRX
Class: Clubsprint
Car: Subaru 2003 WRX STi
Driver Name: Jason Wright
Car builder/tuner: Autotech Engineering - Spiro Papadimatos
Engine: Autotech 2.5L Boxer (Autotech Time Attack Series Engine)
Gearbox: Subaru 6-Speed H-Pattern
Suspension: Cusco Zero 3R
Brakes: Project Mu
Wheels: Advan RS
Tyres: Advan
Electronics: Subaru
Aero: Pro-Speed Racing Wing . Autotech Splitter
Other than boot and wing all external panels and glass are Subaru OE, the car has full interior, electric windows, carpet, current NSW registration and complies with all WTAC Club Sprint vehicle regulations.
Fastest Lap: 1.35.82 on R-Spec @ Sydney Motorsport Park . NSW
Power Output: 380kwatw
Thanks to: Autotech Engineering
ProcessWest Performance Aluminium
Pro-Speed Racing
LIC Motorsports
Rising Sun Subaru
Gulf Western Oil
Ross Balancers
Hi-Octane Performance Coatings
Nitto Engine Components
Copyright 2011, Autotech Engineering Pty Ltd
18-20 George St, Granville NSW 2142
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