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Autotech now tuning Ford XR5 Turbo

Ford's little power-plant, the 5 cylinder XR5 Turbo, has impressed many with its great European styling and its solid performance driven by the 2.5 litre turbocharged engine that delivers 166kw in standard form. Retune it with the SCT Flash tuner and you have a substantial increase in performance, torque delivery and fuel economy, transforming the car to power levels that are similar to it's $70,000 bigger brother, the Focus RS.

Autotech Engineering are now offering a series of upgrade kits for the Ford XR5 Turbo to enable consumers to get the most out of their sporty Focus. Stage 1 involves the retune of the factory ECU with the SCT Flash Tuning software, which stores up to 3 custom maps that can be used for different fuel types or power levels. This upgrade takes the factory power level to 190kw with strong improvements in torque delivery right across the rev range.

The Stage 2 kit includes a replacement 2.5 inch stainless steel cat-back exhaust. This reduces exhaust back pressure and restriction, which reduces the amount of boost and fuel required to achieve stock power levels. It also increases exhaust flow capacity, allowing an increase in power from the previous Stage 1 of 190kw to 220kw.

The Stage 3 Kit addresses the next restriction - the intercooler. While the factory intercooler does a reasonable job of cooling turbocharger air temps at stock boost levels, with increased levels of boost and harder driving conditions it suffers from heat soak and affects the performance capabilities of the 2.5lt turbocharged engine. The Stage 3 kit includes a new top mount intercooler that has far superior flow and surface area than the stock unit and this allows the power levels to be increased to 240kw transforming the XR5 Turbo into a spectacularly performing small car.

If you have a Ford Focus XR5 Turbo and would like to see what Autotech can do for your car, please give us a call in our offices on (02) 9897 1378.

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