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Shift harder and faster with Billet Shifters, now available from Autotech

It's not hard to be disappointed by the lack of quality of gear shifts in manual cars today. Clunky movements, movement being too long between gears - it all results in slow shifts that affect performance and drivability of your car. Well, you can do something about it, you can fit a Billet Shifter!

For over 10 years Billet Products has been intensively developing and testing shifters to achieve the highest possible combination of quality and performance. With over 18 years engineering expertise gained from direct involvement in many forms of motorsport in Australia, Billet Products is proud to present the Billet Pro Series range of manual performance shifters and products.

Billet Shifters are available for Holden and Ford Manual sedans and Utes from XF to BF in the Falcons and VT to VE in Holden sedans and Utes. OEM shifters often leave a lot to be desired. Billet Products set out to not only improve the performance of the shift, but to bring back enjoyment to an otherwise dull drive with the OEM item. Through careful design and lengthy testing aboard the company saloon cars, the ultimate shifter was born, resulting in up to 40% shorter throw and an unmatched crisp, precise feel. The standard shift height and position is retained, with each shift body precision CNC machined from specially selected billet aluminium and utilises high grade steel shafts, providing the perfect combination of strength and performance for the most demanding of driving conditions. To improve shift speed and precision of the infamous 2nd-3rd gear shift, self centering spring pack systems have been incorporated into each design to ensure a perfect gear selection every time. Furthermore, the ingeniously designed fully adjustable positive stops add a little extra insurance for your wallet against over shifting and damaging synchros. Anodising and high tech steel coatings and new rubber boots with each item, are just the icing on the cake to what are arguably the best shifters on the market, period.

If you considering fitting a new Billet Shifter to your manual car and would like to see what Autotech can do for you, please give us a call in our offices on (02) 9897 1378.

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