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Autotech now installing Yella Terra Supercharger kits for Ford and Holden

Yella Terra, Australia's leading brand of Superchargers and Supercharger kits, are now distributing their products at Autotech Engineering, Sydney's largest tuner of Holden and Ford vehicles.

Integrated onto an existing engine, the Terra Charger Supercharger will increase torque across the entire engine operating range from 25 to 70 percent without compromising drive ability or emissions. The Terra Charger Supercharger allows the use of smaller engine without perceived loss in power train performance. The unit's excellent ratio of air-flow capacity to package size is a plus in downsized or crowded engine compartments.

Produced under a manufacturing alliance agreement with the world's largest supercharger manufacturer, this basic design has been a featured component on production vehicles since 1989. The technology continues to be improved through thousands of hours of air-flow , noise and vibration, finite element, materials, tribological, dynamometer and track testing. Inherent design simplicity, coupled with Perfectune Engineering's total quality manufacturing techniques, ensures that each Terra Charger Supercharger is delivered with the reliability and durability demanded by today'' consumer.

On the road, results are even more impressive with instant throttle response, awesome low end- mid range torque and power that just keeps building. All these gains are delivered with remarkable fuel efficiency compared to standard.

The kit has a very professional finish and maintains as much OEM hardware as possible. The kit is a true bolt on installation and comes with every component to complete the job including 2 supplementary injectors, an independent electronic control unit with analogue adjustment and all hoses, brackets, pulleys, belts and fasteners.

Autotech can fit the Yella Terra Supercharger kit together with a custom built exhaust system to ensure proper flow of air in and out of the engine, resulting in optimum torque right across the rev range with maximum economy of fuel consumption. If you have a V8 Holden or Ford and would like to see what Autotech can do for your car with a Yella Terra Supercharger kit, please give us a call in our offices on (02) 9897 1378.

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