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Autotech hold Australia's Fastest F6 with factory Turbocharger record

Autotech Engineering are proud to be the tuner of Australia's Fastest F6 Typhoon with a factory turbocharger. The car, owned by Mark from, as run a [email protected] at the Ford Forum nationals in 2009 at Calder Park Raceway. The car previously held the record of [email protected] but for this run it had been adjusted to a more race-type specification.

With slicks and front runners, all passenger seats removed and exhaust removed, the car was retuned with martini race fuel and tuned to 418rwkw, the yellow F6 had multiple runs with a best ET of 10.47 and a best top speed of 137mph.

The full list of modifications to this awesome F6 include the following:
- APS Phase 3, with a 4’’ advance dump pipe
- Factory Turbocharger and factory plenum
- Dominello modifications to the automatic transmission
- 1 Mauz in the driver's seat!!

This awesome record is testament to how little mods are required to get the most out of the big T6 engine in these cars. The car has been a pet project of Mark's for many years, with the guidance of Spiro and his tuning to get the most out of these components.

If you have a FPV F6 Typhoon or XR6 Turbo and would like to see what Autotech can do for your car, please give us a call in our offices on (02) 9897 1378.

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