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Autotech crack World Time Attack record at Eastern Creek Raceway

The World Time attack challenge has been run and won at Eastern Creek Raceway, and Autotech customer Jason Wright has managed an astounding lap time of 1.35.82 to take 3rd out right in Open Class. The car, a 420awkw Subaru STI is the pet project of Jason Wright with the engine and tuning supplied by Autotech.

While Jason was overwhelmed with the car's response on the track he commented that his racing lines could still be improved for an even better time next year. The Autotech built engine ran flawlessly over the 3 days of the event, reaching a top speed of 267km/h down the main straight. Considering that the fastest V8 Supercar time at Eastern Creek is 1.31:73, Jason's achievement is even more astounding given that it is a private project car! Be sure to watch the You Tube video below to see Jason's skills first hand!

The engine is built and tuned by Autotech Engineering consists of;
Autotech prepared block 2.5L taken to 2.6L
Nitto spec crankshaft to suit 2.6L
Nitto spec rods and pistons to suit 2.6L.
Autotech spec CNC ported heads.
Autotech Spec cams
Imported equal length, 2.5L exhaust manifold – Hi-Octane Ceramic coated.
Custom Autotech single scroll up pipe – Hi-Octane Ceramic coated.
TSR70 turbo modified with inclusion of Inconel single scroll exhaust housing.
Tuned length prototype inlet manifold.
Autotech custom built exhaust system.
CDI ignition and expensive spark plugs
Ross Tuff Bond harmonic balancer and accessory drive pulley kit.

If you have a Subaru STI or WRX and want to see what Autotech can do for your car to get the most in performance and drivability from it, please call Autotech in their offices on (02) 98971378.

Time Attack Video STI Power! Cornering hard
424awkw Rocket Jason and Brendan Jason in the car
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