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Autotech Twin Turbo Ford GT Runs up 1000Hp at the wheels

One of Autotech's pet projects, a BA GT owned by ones of Sydney's biggest characters, Joe Russo, has just pushed out 1000hp at the rear wheels. This monster car has been a project for Joe for the last 6 years as he and Autotech have taken it from naturally aspirated to twin-turbocharged form. Now it's complete, but can anyone - even Big Joe - tame this car?

Joe first purchased the 2003 5 speed manual FPV GT because he loves the GT brand and what it stood for - a powerhouse touring car. As Joe is a bit of a powerhouse himself, it didn't take him long to bring the car down to Spiro to see what he could do to get more power out of it.

Spiro decided that the best course of action would be to change the cams on the car and then fit it with 8 individual throttle bodies that allowed the engine to breath as best as it could to make the most power. A new custom stainless twin 2.5 inch exhaust was also fitted together with a retune using Haltech E11 engine management system and the car made a maximum of 440hp at the rear wheels.

However it didn't take Big Joe very long to get used to this power level and he was shortly down at Autotech bothering Spiro about how he could make even more power. Spiro decided to fit twin turbochargers to the car, but to do this the engine would need t be rebuilt to handle the extra power. Autotech build all their engines with the best components so that when complete they sound as quiet under normal driving conditions the factory units. Forged pistons and conrods were fitted together with high power valve springs and the engine compression was lowered. Spiro then fitted two Garret T04Z 800HP Turbochargers to the engine and manufactured all the custom piping and built a new inlet manifold to handle the high flow requirements of this setup.

The end result is that the car running on 110 martini race fuel made 1038HP at a low 24psi. Indeed, Spiro could have pushed the car further as the turbos could push enough air through the engine to make up to 1600hp, but the car is still running the old 5 speed transmission, and let's face it - what can't you do with 1000HP at the rears in a car like this? S

So, Joe is happy - for the moment. As you can see from the pics below, he's also spent a lot of time and effort on building the rest of the car and now it's his pride and joy. If you have a GT and are as mad as Big Joe, give Spiro a call on (02) 9897 1378 and he'll fill you in on what he can do for you.
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