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Autotech set the FG XR6T Small Turbo Record for Quarter mile times

Autotech Engineering have done it again and set another XR6T record with a customer's FG XR6T Ute recording [email protected]# mph with 1.63 - 60 foot, factory turbo (not high flowed) full weight street trim on E85. The car has gone on to beat this record at Calder in Victoria with a [email protected] time.

The silver XR6T is owned by Mark, a long time customer of Autotech Engineering and has only had a limited range of modifications to the car. Most notably the car retains the factory turbocharger which limits the performance capacity of the car due to it's smaller size. The XR6T has had the following modifications:

60lb Siemens injectors.
Autotech Custom 4'' dump, 5'' cat and 3.5'' exhaust.
Autotech intercooler, piping kit, air-box and battery relocation.
Process west surge tank.
12-15 psi actuator with ported waste-gate
Crow valve springs
Autotech tune 318rwkw 98 octane fuel and 344rwkw E85 Ethanol-blended fuel.

Mark repeated his record-breaking run in Calder recently, where many claim the timing is more 'forgiving' than Eastern Creek Drag way, and posted an improved trap speed of 126mph. A big note should be taken of the improvements in power for the car that E85 yields when retuned to suit. Spiro from Autotech flew to Melbourne to retune the car (as Mark lives in Melbourne and commutes to Sydney to get his work done at Autotech). E85 allows for much more timing to be used in the engine which yields more torque and power across the range.

If you have a FG XR6T and would like to see what Autotech can do for your car, please give us a call in our offices on (02) 9897 1378.

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