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Autotech’s new 335GT runs [email protected]

-UPDATE - The Autotech GT has now run a [email protected] to be the fastest GT in Australia. It ran the time at Melbourne's Calder Drag Raceway. - UPDATE-

After already setting the Australian record for a FG GT with the new Miami supercharged engine of [email protected], Autotech took it one step further when fitting pullies to their GT together with a mapped retune of the factory ECU. This enabled them to punch out just over 400rwkw, and they wasted no time in taking the car back down to Eastern Creek to see what it could do.


On the 14th of May the boys from Autotech updated the tune on their FPV 335 Miami-powered GT and took it down to Eastern Creek Raceway to see if they could better their previous record of [email protected] They managed a stunning [email protected]

Spiro, Proprietor of Autotech Engineering, commented on how he is continually surprised by the performance of the US-developed Miami 5.0 Lt. supercharged engine. "With just a tune alone, these cars are incredible performers on the track and on the street", Spiro said. "We're looking forward to seeing what this car can do once we have the new Herrod Intercooler fitted to the factory supercharger". He continued, "Once this happens we should see a 10 second pass in this car at over 130mph."

The Autotech Engineering GT has had the factory ECU retuned and had a custom stainless exhaust fitted. Recently Autotech have also fitted pulleys to the car and this has seen it push out just on 410rwkw. Autotech plan to take the car to the upcoming Ford Forums National Drag Racing championship in Melbourne to see how it does with the colder souther air. Look out for more news shortly!


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