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Autotech Engineering at Motor EX Expo in Sydney

This year's Motor EX Show at Homebush exhibition center was a resounding success with record crowds and amazing cars on display. Autotech were on hand to show off what they do best, with two of their best cars on display and lots of information and advice for attendees.

Sydney's Motor EX show is the largest and most prestigious show of its kind in Australia, and is growing in popularity year after year. The show covers everything from Hot Rods, Street Machines, Custom Motorcycles and HiTech Tuners to the finest examples of American muscle, high performance speed machines, sports racing vehicles and timeless classics!

Autotech fit nicely into the spectrum of talent on display at Motor EX as Sydney's largest tuning business and developer of some of the most powerful and fastest cars in the country. On display they had their new FG 335GT sedan, holder of the title of the fastest FG GT in the country with a time of [email protected] while still looking every bit as stealthy as the stock GT. On the other side of the spectrum is their BA GT with it's twin 750HP Turbochargers that generate a thumping 1000HP at the rear wheels.

Yet, even while these two cars looked impressive, they did pale in comparison to some of the works or art on display at Motor EX. Judges were on hand to awards various prizes to categories from 'Australis most impressive custom car' to 'Muscle car marvel' and 'Street Elite' awards. To see for yourself what all the fuss is about, be sure to view the video below or to visit the MotorEX website at

Motor EX Video
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