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Mitsubishi , like Subaru, are world renown for their range of performance vehicles. With rally-bred performance in their Evolution cars, Mitubishi have developed some of the best performance vehicles ever sold in Australia, culminating in the Evo IV and Evo X cars. They have also recently released the Ralliart Lance - Mitsubishi's stake at a more affordable performance sedan with brilliant results!
Mitsubishi Evolution X is the pinnacle of 2lt performance vehicles. Powered by Mitsubishi's own bulletproof 2lt turbocharged engine, the Evo X represents brilliance in handling that can make racing simple even for beginners. The Evo's new twin clutch automatic transmission makes city driving a breeze but also performs lightning gear changes on the track that will leave most manual drivers in the dust.
Mitubishi Lancer Ralliart is the little brother to the EVO X, however it still offers incredible value for the car enthusiasts not wanting to part with the big dollars required for the Evo X. Using a slightly smaller turbo, the Ralliart still possesses much of the Evo X's components and responds particularly well to modification.
Mitubishi Evolution IX is arguably a better track performer than the X. Like the Evo X, this car is fitted with a bullet proof engine that responds incredibly well to modification and the rest of its package requires only small changes to turn it into the ultimate track weapon.
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