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Autotech Engineering are Sydney's specialist installer of engineering modifications for a wide range of motor vehicles including Ford, Holden, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan and more. Based in Granville, Autotech's experience spans over 14 years and encompasses the largest range of kits and components from the best engineering companies in the world, including APS, Xforce, Yella Terra, Vortech, Garret, Bosch and more. As Australia's largest distributor of APS- Air Powered Systems - kits and components, Autotech prides itself in the installation, tuning and maintenance of quality engineered, street legal cars, offering the best in engineering, power and performance.

Autotech's head engineer has over 12 years experience in tuning electronic fuel injection and carburetor-powered engines, and offers a wide variety of tuning solutions including re-programming the factory computer management system right through to dedicated aftermarket ECUs for race-specific applications.

We pride ourselves on the belief that each car should leave the workshop with 100% satisfaction from the customer. Many of our team of 14 staff members are long time employees who have built up a history of knowledge and customer service dedication that have ensured our business has grown from year to year.

Please take the time to browse our website and do not hesitate to contact us either via e-mail or via phone at your convenience. We hope you find the information useful and we look forward to helping your enjoy one of your most valuable and treasured possessions, your car.

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18-20 George St, Granville NSW 2142
Ph: 02 9897 1378 Fax: 02 9897 3473