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Ford make some fantastic vehicles, from the award winning Falcon XT and Territory to the ultra powerful XR6 Turbo, brilliant sounding XR8 and the flagship and timeless GT. If you love your Ford then be rest assured that Autotech love it too, with a great range of modifications and enhancements to make the most of your enjoyment from your Ford. Below are some examples of the modifications and enhancements that Autotech Engineering can provide for your vehicle.
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XR6 Turbo is one of the first adventures for Ford into the turbocharged market and has proven to be extremely successful. Paired with a turbocharger from Garrett, the 4lt in-line 6 cylinder engine in the XR6 Turbo runs at incredibly low levels of boost to make its factory level of 270Kw. Autotech provide numerous packages to unlock the potential of this amazing engine resulting in some magnificent gains with relatively little expenditure.
Click through to find out what Autotech can do for your automatic or manual XR6 Turbo sedan or Ute.
FPV GT, GTP, GS and XR8 feature what is undoubtedly the ultimate in sound accessories for any Aussie car fan: the Boss engine. Whether its the 290kw GT Boss, the 290 kW Xr8 Boss or the new range of 5.0lt Supercharged V8s, Autotech have a range of packages that truly unlock the potential of this amazing engine.
XT Falcon and XR6 and Territory may be some of the base models of the Falcon range but they sure do represent some of the best motoring to be had in Australia and the world. Boasting the in line 6 cylinder 4lt engine named Barra, these cars have astonishing performance for family sedans. With slight modifications they unleash hidden potential that turn them into amazing cars. Autotech have a range of kits, engine management solutions and modifications that can make your XT or XR6 the real car of the year.
Ford XR5 Turbo has rocketed onto the scene as the new cult car for Ford. Boasting the 5 cylinder power plant from Volvo's range of sports cars, this Turbo charged 2.5 litre cars, like the XR6 Turbo, an incredible performer for the money. Autotech tweak the ECUs parameters and add in a new exhaust system that truly unlocks this car's potential and will not fail to impress. Click through for more information.
Ford Fiesta is Ford's pocket rocket sedan aiming for the small car market. The European-built car is superbly built and contains a powerful 1.6 Litre. engine that responds surprisingly well to modifications. Click through to see what we can do for your car..
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